Creating a bigpicture
To create a bigpictures go to the right top corner and click on the purple "+" button, click on "Bigpicture", and add a name to your bigpictures. That way you will have created your first bigpictures.

After that, you will be able to edit the bigpicture by adding any set of apps you want. To do this you will need to go to the toolbar and click any of the apps icons (if you place your mouse on top of each icon you will see the name of the app)

You are able to rearrange the apps on the bigpictures as you want as long as you are keeping the minimum size for it to display correctly

Important: Each user with "view access" will see exactly what the owner/admin of the bigpicture has shared (mirroring). The original source of information from an external software will not be affected and the access to it won't be granted to any Bigpicture viewers. In other words - "view only" users will see data through the Bigpicture's owner/admin eyes, without affecting or connecting directly to the original source.
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