Editing a bigpicture
Before you try to edit a bigpicuture make sure you have admin access. You can check this by going to the right top corner and clicking your name and then clicking into "my profile".

Once you are sure you have admin access, go to the unit that contains the bigpicture you would like to edit (your unit or shared with you). Once you see the bigpicture click the menu button (three dots) on the bottom right corner and then click "edit"


To edit your bigpicture you will need to use the toolbar that contains the different apps. With this toolbar, you will be able to edit your bigpicture by adding the different components you want to show. 

The default toolbar comes with 7 apps: 
  • Text: 
    • Add a text to the report -  It can be useful for titles or for descriptions.
  • Image:
    • Adding images to bigpictures can help to explain ideas, concepts, or show results. 
  • Code: 
    • With the code app, you will be able to add content from other software by using iframes. Generally, you can find the iframe code under share. 
  • Upload a document: 
    • You can upload different types of documents (PDF, Excel, Word, jpg, etc) for people to download or see the content. 
  • Comments: 
    • Adding a comment section to your bigpicture can help you internally and externally when sharing reports to other teams, superiors, investors, or clients.
  • Table: 
    • This app will allow you to add a table from Google Sheets into your bigpictures. 
  • Card: 
    • Cards will allow you to display simple information from Google Sheets in your bigpicute. 
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